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The need for OPEX

In today's fast-paced business world, operational challenges can stifle growth and dampen team spirit.

Whether it's skyrocketing COGS, inefficient processes, or lack of strategic focus, these issues need a visionary approach.

Enter OPEX — My bespoke solution to revitalize your operations, ensuring they're lean, agile, and ready for the future.

My OPEX approach

Purpose: crafting a vision and values that resonate across the board, setting the stage for innovative strategies.
People: unleashing individual superpowers, aligning talents with organizational goals for unparalleled growth.
Process: simplifying processes through the KISS (Keep It Simple & Smart) principle, ensuring they meet customer and team needs efficiently.

Impactful transformations

"See how our OPEX framework has revolutionized operations, fostering environments of continuous improvement, collaboration, and success."


Business Transformer
Implement successfully your business transformation aligned with your purpose.
Phase 1: Assessment of actual vs. ideal
Phase 2: Purpose workshop
Phase 3: Implement
I work on a 6-months cycle(about 1 week per month on-site) renewable
Remember you and your team should be fully autonomous after the period

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Interim or Full-Time
Boost your business and your team by hiring me as interim or full-time for the following positions:
SME / Startups CEO
SME / Startups COO
Operational Excellence Manager / Director
Manufacturing Manager / Director

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Trainer & Coach
Develop internal capabilities & be(come) joyful day-to-day
Train & Coach you and your team on most of Operational Excellence behaviors, methods and tools (lean, TPM & Six Sigma)
My actual popular workshops are:
• Inclusive Leadership Training
• Stand Up Meeting using Digital Solutions
• White & Yellow Belts Training and Coaching (Lean Six Sigma)
• 5S Implementation
• Visual Management
• Communication at shopfloor level

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Discover our OPEX solutions and let's achieve operational excellence together.